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Re:Question: new messenger?

Apr 07, 1998 09:37 AM
by Fernando de Freitas

 I think that your question is very important to all of us. How do it?
 Do you know a great portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa? He translate many
articles made by Blavatsky and even the SD. In his poems he doesn't use the
"theosophical technical terms", but was able to do ordinary people reflect
about that ideas, repletes of wisdom.
 Anothers artists (see Sylvia Cranston book "Helena Blavatsky..") also do
that. Mondrian, TS Elliot...
 I think that what his experiencies can learn to us is that we have to
understand as deep as we can, and without dogmas, quotes or "technical
words", by ourselfs , communicate to anothers ours "truths". In our live,
work, to friends, by some kind of art or talks...
 Our "way of life", if we are serious theosophists (not only books
devouring for ourselfs) we can change everyone around us, even we don't
intent that. Naturally.
 Because, when we "intent" change anyone, we awake his defenses. But, if
we be "naturally theosophists" we can help everybody.
 This may be not a "technical" for greats results in a few time...or mass
midia...but I'm sure that the time will help us.


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>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> is being done how to reach the less educated masses. Especially in the
>> I have not seen any effort being made to reach the minorities, whereas
>> Krishnamurti was especially aware of this need.
> Seriously: Do you have any ideas as to how a) Theosophists and b) the
>Theosophical organizations could go about doing this? Or does anybody here
> Bart Lidofsky

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