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Apr 06, 1998 09:31 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

At 03:33 AM 4/7/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Brenda S. Tucker <> writes
>>HPB discusses the beginnings of the
>>expected race and how these "pioneers - the peculiar children who will grow
>>into peculiar men and women - be regarded as anomalous lusus naturae,
>>abnormal oddities physically and mentally."
>They are already with us, perhaps? Certainly regarded as anomalous!
>See the "Sex" link on my web page:

I was thinking more in terms of the "channeling" that was going on. Your
page picks up on the idea of "human error." We can hopefully end this
"human error" by being true to our racial nature, taking and advancing to
that next step of ascension, calling the masters into manifestation and
activity in the atmosphere and fabric of our lives.


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