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Apr 06, 1998 08:42 PM
by Govert Schuller

Bart wrote:

 HPB, and others of her time, had personal
>contact with Mahatmas and their chelas, and not just channeled content.

ECP also has personal contact with the Masters. Do not know if she is in
contact with chelas who have their own independent contact with Masters.

 And she did
>not elicit confessions from their members, promised to destroy them, and
kept them
>for future reference.

Heard this rumour before. Apparently coming from an ex-member saying he/she
saw this happening. If true that would be quite serious. It could also be a
smear. Have to suspend judgement. For now have no reason to believe it.

Nor did she preach sexual faithfulness while cheating on her

If so, that's her karma. Won't hold that against her.

Nor did she advocate members stockpiling weapons, nor did she sell them
>weapons at wildly inflated prices.

Have no indication whatsoever that that might be true. The story is that
Edward Francis, now her ex-husband, organized the purchase of a large amount
of weapons. She did not know about this. Francis got caught for using a
false name. The purchase otherwise was completely legal. The logic of the
weapons was entirely defensive. If you have well-constructed and
well-stacked fall-out shelters, while many right-wing survivalists know
about that and have made threats to come and get you when, god forbid, the
shelters should be used, it would be wise to have the means to defend them.
Using a false name was to keep secret from these right-wingers the details
of the purchase, the world of weapon-dealers being relatively small.

Now, which person claiming to be a messenger did
>all of the above?

Bart is of course writing about Elizabeth Clare Prophet and loves her for
being such an easy target.


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