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Apr 04, 1998 09:51 PM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Does Elizabeth Clare Prophet claim to be the one and only CURRENT
messenger of the GWB?


Jeffrey Michael Hoover wrote:
> Bart Lidofsky Sunday, April 05, 1998 7:15 PM:
> > By his or her deeds, you shall know him or her. Which excludes pretty
> > much everybody currently claiming the title...
> I don't understand your comment? Those who knew HPB knew she was real. Those
> who read accounts from the distance might say what you did. Are you a true
> believer in HPB or are you a posion pill on this line? I was able to sign up
> at the drop of a hat. No crediblity check or the like. Who knows who I really
> AM?
> Jeffrey

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