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Apr 05, 1998 07:26 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 5th 1998

Dear Jeffrey Hoover:

Welcome to our talkative brotherhood, our group of students.

Many opinions will be offered as you read.

In all cases, Theosophy says that you (and each one) is always
the maker of his own "fate." By choosing we move ourselves up or
down the ladder of progress. "The Path is one for all, the means
to reach the Goal will vary with the pilgrims."

Theosophy views and teaches us (as you probably are aware) that
we are all eternal pilgrims, and that a lifetime is but a day in
the great School of Experience. While the body will change, the
immortal Spirit/Soul persists. It gives us our sense of
individuality and continuity. It whispers to us when we sleep
and our finest aspirations are derived from its interior
promptings, as it is our constant companion, while we all labor,
each in his own field, in our daily lives.

There are many "teachers," from whom we may draw that which we
may consider to be inspiring. Selection and testing of such is
always individual.

Each one of us owes what we know of Theosophy to one person who
made herself responsible for reviving this ancient
wisdom-religion, and recording it between 1875 and 1891 for our
use. It was Mme. H. P. Blavatsky. She is most approachable, and
not remote, but she does demand of us attention and
concentration, if we would truly learn what our inheritance is in
this very confusing world and jumble of conflicting opinions we
call our lives.

Her small book THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY was written for students like
you and me, and in it she covers in detail the doctrines and
statements that portray the ancient wisdom. She also spends many
pages pointing to the practice of Theosophy, one we are convinced
of its value. It very worthwhile to acquaint one's self with
what she presented for our consideration, as all the rest of the
writers that followed her used this book and other of her
writings to base themselves on. And not all of them followed the
lines she showed and pointed to those Masters of Wisdom who stand
behind Her.

Are you familiar, for instance with H.P.Blavatsky's THE VOICE OF
THE SILENCE ? You speak of 'love' as a driving force and if you
read what is there (it is a short book of of 78 pages) you will
find that she has translated from the mysterious BOOK OF DZYAN
(from which the SECRET DOCTRINE was also compiled), those
inspiring verses and statements which can become the "chela's"
life assistant -- ideas that touch the inner soul and can rejoice
the hungry seeker after wisdom supreme.

As a brief but penetrating survey of what Theosophy covers, get a
copy of Mr. W. Q. Judge's AN EPITOME OF THEOSOPHY. In about 35
pages he covers the breadth and depth of theosophical philosophy
in a way which almost no writer has ever been able to say so
comprehensively or briefly.

However, your life of study and inquiry lies before you -- as it
does for all of us, and so, again: be welcome to our band of
seekers after Truth.

 Best wishes and fair breezes in your voyage,

 Dallas TenBroeck

>From: "Jeffrey Michael Hoover" <>
>Date: Saturday, April 04, 1998 11:21 AM
>Subject: greetings


Please let me introduce myself. I am glad you-all have a since
of humor as I
didn't realize I could send a "test message" without being
officially signed < snip >

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