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Re: Re: Re:Buddhist drunks

Oct 08, 1997 12:00 PM
by Eazi7 (Michael)


Your response followed me into the stillness today, and found
itself coming straight forward into my silence through the Hymn
to Osiris Un-nefer, @240 BC.  The Egyptian Papyrus of ANI In the
Turin Papyrus the prayer is: Permit thou not me to be judged
according to the mouths of the multitude.

May my soul lift itself up before Osiris, having been found to
have been pure when on earth.  May I come into thy presence, O
Lord of the gods; may I arrive at the Nome of Maati (Truth); may
I rise up on my seat like a god endowed with life; may I give
forth light like the Company of the Gods who dwell in heaven; may
I become like one of you...

Powerful it is this cry out in the pure goodness of love.  Poetic
in 240BC, and prophetic today.  It comes to me in these words:

Make us One, Lord,
Make us One,
Holy Spirit Make us One.
Let your love flow,
So the world will know,
We are One in you.

In short, personally, here is where goodness, purity and love
find their unity.  You have brought it to simplicity Thank you.


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