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The Treasure

Aug 28, 1997 11:08 AM
by Sigtryggur Omar Jonsson

The Treasure

The treasure is spread all over the earth. Surrounding it are
heaps of dirt. Do we find the true treasure? Most people do not
look, they are busy with other things. Those who look: Many see
only piles of rubbish and do not notice the pearls, and they
sweep it all away. Some see one pearl and guard it jealously.
It is the Only Real pearl, they say, all others are worthless or
false. And they try to cover all the others with dirt. But some
see one pearl, then other, and other and other. They value them
all, knowing that the treasure is big and has many colours and
shapes. They do not stop the search, ever hoping to uncover new
beautiful stones.

Remember, the truth is not in books, it is not in the words we
hear or read. The truth is found in the heart. The words are
just symbols, something that points to the truth. They are hints
or indications. They are descriptions of something. The words
can never be the Truth itself. They are like a geographical map.
You can learn about the country by studying the map, but you will
never know it for real unless you go there and see it for
yourself. Then try to describe it to others. A most difficult
task! And everybody start to argue about your description,
because they find contradictions in some details when they
compare it with other sources.

Do not be afraid of seeming contradictions. As soon as you start
to dig into detailed knowledge you will find many contradictions.
But are they really what they seem to be? Remember, truth has
many sides. Imagine: Three teachers visited Earth and then tried
to describe Earth's nature to their students (who had never been
to Earth). The first said: The nature is green. The second
said: The nature is red and yellow. The third said: The nature
is white and cold. The students immediately began to argue which
one was right. But we know that they all were right and there
was no contradiction. Dig deeper, look further, consider time
and space, let us not limit what is limitless.


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