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Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, etc.

Jun 18, 1997 01:31 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

I received the following comments from Dallas TenBroeck that
I've been told are ok to pass on.

-- Eldon


I noted the news items on the strange orbit of the asteroid in
question -- around Sun and Earth.

As I recall, in the SD, in dealing with conditions prior to the
settling down of comets into stable orbits there is stated that
there would be many conflicts, and only those which established
parabolic orbits would be able to "save themselves" from being
englobed or attached to already existing planets, globes, etc...
I would have to look up the exact pages if you or others want.

It is a series of strange statements, and for those I have no
other corroboration. In any case it takes in astronomics so much
time for things to happen, that only observations over millennia
might give a clue to actual events in our future. It is a pity
that the Chaldean, Egyptian and Indian records of observations
are no longer available for our checking and use.

I found 2 references in the SD where it was stated that evidences
of organic materials was found on meteorites that had been
captured by the Earth. They are indexed there. I am thinking of
all the fuss made some months back about the meteorite supposedly
blasted from the face of Mars by cometary impact. Apparently
those who wrote the SD were aware of such things.

Many more interesting references about astronomical anomalies are
to be found in the SD:

I 204 (top) - On Cometary orbits
I 593-4     - Master on comets, etc
I 597, 602  - Matter of Comets, etc. different from our Earth matter
II 158, 706 - Organic matter found in meteorites

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