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Theosophical Encyclopaedia

Jun 18, 1997 00:26 AM
by Philip Harris

>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 10:54:01
>From: "Philip Harris" <>
>Subject: Theosophical Encyclopaedia
>        Dear fellow theosophists,
>Greetings from far off Western Australia!
>We editors have met with a puzzle.  A number of theosophists have been
awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind Medal for meritorious service in India.  We have
not been able to locate any reliable information about this medal- its
inception- by whom- when- what are the requirements for its award- and so
on.  Can anyone help please with this data?   If anyone knows the
whereabouts of a specimen that could be photographed that would be a bonus.
Your help will be much appreciated!
>We are looking for a few more contributors.  If you would like to discuss
the possibility of joining our illustrious band of writers please let  me
know.  There are a number of theosophical subjects  that have not yet been
allocated and I will be pleased to enter dialogue with you about these.
>Best wishes to all!
>Philip S. Harris

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