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Re:"1975 is no Magic Date"

Jun 07, 1997 08:50 PM
by Vito Greco

Hello and thanks for letting me join in your discussion...

I have read a number of statements in regards to "the Messenger of the year
2000", etc. There are many good points raised. I am not too familiar with the
functions of the current Theosophical institutions nor with the differences
in view points from the various "schools" of Theosophy.

I do believe that the desire or ability to take all the ideas and teachings
given by HPB as Truth is difficult enough for some people, even for those who
consider themselves Theosophists. I would imagine that even for those whom
whole-heartedly believe in these teachings, the ability to consistently
interpret them is impossible.

It's strange how accepting this Truth comes suspiciously close to the idea of
Faith. But the overwhelming difference for me and many people I study with is
the ability to excersize our intuitions and to find that the teachings
support our thinking logically, scientifically, philisophically and, again,

With this in mind, the comments by HPB in regards to the arrival of a
Messenger in the last 25 years of the 20th century can be interpreted a
number of ways. I don't question that there exists a Brotherhood or that they
continuously work for our spiritual evolution.

Intuitively, I sense that much has happened in the last 20 or so years to
further the cause of an understanding of a broad sense of Spiritual and
Ethical responsibilty, and specifically, to further the cause of Theosophy.

I have witnessed the transformations of a number of people from confirmed
materialists to those on a path of Spiritual growth; a number of whom are now
Theosophists. There seems to be an awareness by many of the basic teachings
of Theosophy in the "general public", and a genuine movement for Spiritual

Specifically, the availability and abundance of Theosophical literature,
material and ideas seems obvious compared to that of the past century as
recorded in some of the Theosophical history. Has this just happened by
chance? How is it that one can go into some of the bigger bookstore chains
today and find books by Blavatsky, Judge, Purucker and others?

Our study groups in Chicago are thriving. There are many students that attend
classes 7 days a week, from very diverse backgrounds ranging in age from 16
to 80.

I know this is long-winded, but I've never done this before... My point is
simply that I sincerely believe Theosophy and the many similar schools of
thought are flourishing more than ever. And I believe that this growth is
observed, guided and nurtured by those who have evolved the ability to do so.

If we expect or need to see the return of HPB, Jesus, Buddha or any Messenger
to confirm our commitment to these ideas and teachings, I believe we are
missing the point of them altogether. We have to do our part everyday, even
if we end this incarnation with many of these same questions or
misunderstandings still haunting us.

Thanks to anyone who has read this and I hope to have the chance to take part
again. And a special hello to Dara, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting
at Wheaton when you spoke about Judge last year.

Many thanks,

Vito Greco

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