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"1975 is no Magic Date"

Jun 06, 1997 09:23 AM
by Dara Eklund

Dear friends:
	With regard to your interesting discussion of whether or not a
messanger has appeared for the twentieth century:

	According to an article by Boris de Zirkoff by the above title,
in ~Theosophia~ of Spring 1965, there are very few direct statements made
about the messenger of the 20th century, other than the one mentioned in
the ~Key to Theosophy.~  There was one made in the First Preliminary
Memorandum (1888) to the E.S., speaking of 12/31/1899 as the "last hour"
of a closing cycle or term in which she warned that "no Master of
Wisdom from the East will himself appear or send anyone to Europe or America
after that period, and the sluggards will have to renounce every chance
of advancement in their present incarnation  -- until the year 1975..."!

	However, Boris mentions a less definite  statement in the
~Secret Doctrine~ (I, xxxviii): "in Century the Twentieth some disciple
more informed, and far better fitted, may be sent by the Masters of
Wisdom to give final and irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science
called Gupta-Vidya...."  We note the words "MAY be sent."

	Boris goes on to state that this is not some occult "time-table.":
"The appearance of an Initiate in the outer world, for some specific
work, is in response to an existing demand, an insistant `call' for help
and guidance.  If no such `call' exixts, no member of the Brotherhood
will waste any effort or time on people who are not ready."

	Since the Teachers have through their letters informed us of
their interest in changing the Manas and Buddhi of the race, to me that
call must be in developing these higher faculties.  In that way we
participate in their cause, and would surely recognize the "true"
teacher from the false no matter which vehicle (or system of wisdom) he chose to
reach Western civilization through in the effort for that century.  It
may be through several teachers, or messengers.  Boris points out the
K.H. letter to Sinnett in Fall of 1881, where the chiefs engaged in
"nearly a century of fruitless search" as indicating that the Brothers do
not depend on any time-table.  With regard to the "sluggards" above, they
would need to be over one hundred years old to take advantage of the next
surge, and therefore we need not take this "hint" too literally.  Also
the Brothers are not bound to any fictitious calendar of Western nations
in following the edict of Tsong-kha-pa, as we base our dates from a
hypothetical year "zero".

	The main thrust of the article is that we must not take anything
for granted, for whenever [and we might add wherever] the student is
ready---the Teacher is ready also.

		Best wishes to all,


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