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Re:Farthing's Article

Jun 06, 1997 04:34 AM
by M K Ramadoss

A brief comment to Richard:

I agree with you. As a matter of fact, in a post on this subject on theos-l,
I did quote the *entire* chapter from Key to Theosophy so that everyone can
see for themselves what my source was.

Again I feel that no one can be sure of any thing. Only future can tell. We
may have to wait several centuries to see who the real Messenger(s) is/are.
A real Messenger(s) teachings by that time will be well remembered and
anybody's else's is likely to be forgotten.


At 05:22 PM 6/5/97 -0400, you wrote:
>A brief reply to Doss --
>It seems to me perfectly honorable to mention the good work that Annie Besant
>and Krishnamurti did in practical human affairs.  But I must protest against
>dragging poor HPB into the claims surrounding K and his being the
>"Messenger."  People tout her statement at the end of *The Key to Theosophy*,
>where she looks forward to the Messenger of the next century, as supporting
>everything from Purucker to K to far more ridiculous things like aliens
>coming to the planet or Elizabeth Clare Prophet's wild schemes.
>But in the esoteric writings HPB writes in black and white to her own
>esoteric students that they have but a limited time to learn from her (until
>December 31, 1899, should she live that long [she didn't]) and then a long
>time to wait, because the next Messenger would not come before 1975.  That is
>So if HPB is to be taken as an authority in these things at all (and one is
>certainly not forced to take her as an authority ...) then one cannot quote
>her regarding K being a Messenger, and then miss the point that he did not
>come at all as expected.  The same goes for using her prediction for
>Purucker, Gurdjieff, etc. etc. etc.  If one quotes HPB it must be done
>correctly, and quote her in the entirety of what she wrote.  Or else leave
>the poor woman alone, don't brutalize her writings, and just say "I think
>Krishnamurti is great and did great work" and leave it at that.  Any one of
>the great teachers might have been a messenger of one sort or another, 'tis
>true.  But none of them can be the personage HPB was discussing with her 1975
>date -- the last quarter of every century.
>Rich Taylor

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