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Re:1975 messenger

Jun 05, 1997 08:40 PM
by Judith Christie

I agree most Theosophists would like to quietly evade such a discussion.

Watching A.R.E. what an interesting statement to make.  I personally am
looking for substance and endurance being the key factor in this
discussion of the "20th Century Messenger."

Perhaps the persona was apparent in the years 1975 but after working for x
number of  years then opted  to let  that present day
ghost of the original Theosophical Society do its thing....since that
is exactly what it was doing anyway all the way through the CWL,
AB and Krisnamurti years.

In the 70's and 80's not much changed.  As a matter of fact anyone
who dared ask about one of the above as being less than god-like
Theosophical Leaders were ..well no point in making that point.

Try it I feel this is an excellent subject.


Certainly I will give this question lots of thought.

If not able to visit site.

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