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1975 messenger

Jun 05, 1997 04:25 PM
by K Paul Johnson

Dear Rich,

Fair enough.  But if the next 2.5 years pass and there's no one
you can accept as possibly being that last-quarter messenger,
won't you have to conclude that HPB's prediction was
incorrect?  Seems to me that if the choice is between somebody
who showed up between 1975 and 2000 and somebody who appeared
before 1975, the later claimant would "win."  But at the rate
things are going, it looks like there won't be anyone who
fits.  That leaves us with the options:
1. HPB was right about the messenger but wrong about the date
2. She was wrong about the whole business
3. There was a messenger, but not to the Theosophists or at all
closely related to HPB's teachings

and some others.  Option 1 leaves Krishnamurti as a
possibility.  He's the only one who *karmically* strikes me as
delivering a message to the Theosophists-- but one, alas, that
they don't *get* IMO, not even his chief cheerleader in Adyar.

Of course as you know, the question of whom the message is
*from* is the first unresolved issue in my view.  What is the
lodge, anyway?

If the question is "Are there humans who represent a higher
state of development, and who convey a healing and enlightening
influence to the rest of us?" -- if that's what it takes to be a
"messenger of the Lodge"-- then my answer would be an emphatic
yes.  There are plenty.

But if the question is, "Is there a hierarchical organization
as depicted in the Mahatma letters, based in Shigatse, which
`sent out' St.-Germain and HPB on defined missions at hundred
year intervals; and is there now or will there be before 2000
another messenger sent out by these same people?"-- you know my answer.
But if you find yourself in a position to say "I told you so"
that will be just fine.

I'd like to see some more discussion of this messenger business
before the year 2000, but my prediction is that Theosophists
will quietly evade it as they have been evading other tough
questions for a long time.

Meanwhile, I'm busy watching the A.R.E. to see how 1998 gets
interpreted as it is happening.


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