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Re:Terminology and What Should be Taught

Dec 27, 1996 03:41 AM
by Richard Taylor

Maxim wrote,

> A.A.Bailey (AAB) and the Tibetan again expanded theosophical
> teaching.  and presented it in a very systematic, extremely well
> organized manner.  One of their major contributions was to extend
> the scope of theosophical teaching beyond our planet (HPB wrote
> somewhere that her teachings apply to this planet only) and well
> into the larger universe.

The post that Gail just put up on HPB shows HPB claiming that
even the highest Adepts don't have untrammeled access to planets
and planes outside our solar system, much less would they
communicate such knowledge to us, learning the ABC's of the
esoteric system.  Alice Bailey, in so extending the teachings,
demonstrates that she is again in fundamental disagreement with
HPB and her Masters.

Not to beat a dead horse, but Bailey students constantly ask for
proof of this incompatibility of AAB and HPB, and for those who
want it, such proof is abundant, as here.


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