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Re:Terminology and What Should be Taught

Dec 26, 1996 06:23 PM
by John Vorstermans

Eldon Tucker Wrote:

> The doctines are based on truth, on how the world really works,
> but their expression by Blavatsky is imperfect.  There is a
> degree of restrain as to what was given out.  There were blinds
> and veils over certain truths.  The terminology was inaccurate
> and being coined on-the-fly as Blavatsky wrote.  And the
> materials were written in response to the needs of Western
> thinkers of the late 1800's.

A good point.  It should also be noted that different cultural
thinking will also interpret the teachings differently.

However, the teachings presented by Blavatsky were not simple
truths, as you state above but simply, as I understand it, ideas
to start the earnest student on the quest to find out for
themselves the answers.

Blavasky, and her teachers never intended to create a
society/societies which simply debated who's interpretations of
the teaching were the correct ones but rather wished above all to
see students who would themselves take up the search to the end
where they would KNOW the answers themselves one day.

Forget Besant/CWL/Bailey, they were all simply students along the
way who studies and came out with there own ideas of what the
esoteric sciences taught.  No doubt some of their insights might
have been true and some incorrect, and to the student beginning
to establish an understanding in the eastern teachings their
writings may prove helpful but it must be clearly understood that
what is written by such teachers is simply a thread for the
student to start on themselves.

We may argue what should be taught and would should not but in
the end the student will decide for themselves what they wish to
study.  Certainly we may look at the current world and what is of
interest and focus on teaching what we perceive as the true
teaching concerning these subject but unless we really KNOW, we
are only fooling ourselves.

Therefore I believe it is not what we teach that is important but
simply that we are able to teach the student how to find the
answers for themselves which is important.

We can interest people out there to listen to what interests them
but unless we can really help them to move on and study for
themselves, become self reliant and understand how to listen to
the SELF then we are missing the mark and wasting our time.

I believe as an organization we are stumbling at the moment
because we have lost focus.

If we simply site and wait for a Master or whatever to come along
and save us then we are missing the point.  We are all our own

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