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Re:Evolution of Matter

Dec 19, 1996 06:09 PM
by Richard Taylor

James Yungkans quotes further from his source,

"Rasa 'literally' means sap or essence 'which affects our desires
and fears, cravings and shrinkings'(ref:Sri Aurobindo), that is
attraction and repulsion.  In nature, it decides fusion and
fission, attractions and repulsions, likes and dislikes,
variations and invariance.  They are the two terms of a binomial,
so to say, the two aspects of 'affinity'."

This is a most unusual usage of "rasa" and it is no wonder I
misunderstood, since this author has practically invented the
word anew for his own usage.  Which is fine, once that usage is
made clear.

I must point out, however, that Rasa or "taste" in its usual
definition is no more particularly prone to "desire" or
"affinity" than sight, smell, sound, or touch.  All of these
senses, whether physical, astral or mental, can provoke the same
law of opposites, namely attractions/repulsion.  It may well be
that this author has worked out (or inherited from an ancient
source) a complex, cosmological scheme of evolution relating to
cosmic principles and their corresponding human senses.  This
would be most interesting.

I merely point out that the scheme as Yungkans has reported it
does correspond well with HPB's evolution of human senses in the
Rounds and Races (vide Secret Doctrine).


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