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Theosophical Discussion Group on IRC

Aug 26, 1996 00:31 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

It's not really the IRC, but something similar, called DALNET.
It can be reached and used using an IRC client program, but
provides extra security to protect against unwanted intrusion and
problems caused by vandals.

I'll post more specific information on the meeting in a day or
two. Basically, it's at 3:30 PM GMT on Sundays, and last's about
an hour or hour and a half. The topics and moderators for the
coming month are:

Sept 01st -- nothing scheduled
Sept 08th -- Theosophy in the Computer Age            (EBT)
Sept 15th -- What is Theosophy, Old and New?          (THEOS)
Sept 22nd -- The First Stanza of Voluspa              (^S^)
Sept 29th -- The Path and Getting Real with Theosophy (EBT)
Oct  08th -- The Evolution of the Monad               (^S^)

The meeting today was mostly occupied with administrative
matters, like discussing the topics for future discussions.
There were be more actual theosophical discussion in the
following weeks.

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