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Re: Altruism

Aug 25, 1996 10:37 AM
by Nicholas Weeks

Julie writes:

> The problem that I find irreconciled about this word is: If I
> define my self as separate from others, I have at that point
> already left the ballpark of Truth. If I define myself as united
> in the All-One, my concern for anyone by definition includes
> myself through our union. Perhaps the mess is in the definition
> of self. Perhaps it should be clarified that one must have
> respect and love for the Self one Truly is and all Truly are,
> because I know from experience that without this type of
> Self-respect any selfless attempt at usefulness is bound to
> failure. In that case, altruism means forgetfulness of the self
> that identifies itself as separate?

Dear Julie,

Another, less intellectual way, is to focus on the reality of
*experiencing* suffering, in all its forms, subtle and obvious.
Whether we or they understand our common True Nature or not,
everybody wants happiness & does not want suffering. Therefore
one tries to give some happiness to others & take some suffering
away from them. That attitude, of concern for others instead of
self, if persisted in for lifetimes, will purify the mind &
feelings enough so that insight will come easily and answer these
present-day spiritual paradoxes.

Best, Nicholas

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