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Use of Mahatma prefix among theosophists

May 22, 2012 06:28 AM
by MKR

Men and women around the world, tend to name their children after great
people they admire or religious leaders or founders of Great Religions. We
see examples in names such as Christ, Krishna, Rama, Mohammed, Lenin,
Gautama, Sankara, Sanat Kumar etc. Among theosophists, I have seen many
naming their children after theosophical leaders. But, you will not find
children named after theosophical Adepts.

In passing, there seems to be some confusion regarding the use of Mahatma
as a prefix to the names. HPB writes - âThe members of the T.S. know and
those who do not should be told that the term âMahatmaâ now so subtly
analysed and controverted â for some mysterious reason â has never been
applied to our Masters before our arrival in India. For years they were
known as the âAdept Brothersâ, the âMastersâ, etc. It is the Hindus
themselves who began applying the term to the two Teachers. This is no
place for an etymological disquisition (on) the fitness or unfitness of the
qualification for the case in hand. As a state, Mahatmaship is one thing;
as a double name Maha-Atma (Great Soul) quite another one ...

In the history of the theosophical movement, you will find that
theosophists apply the term Mahatma exclusively only to the two inner
Founders of TS.

There is no Religion Higher than Truth

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