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Re: theos-talk Pure Theosophy

May 21, 2012 08:00 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear Ramanujachary

My views are:

Very interesting short article you have there.
Allow me a question or two...

Ramanujachary, you wrote:
"Summing up, Theosophy is a Body of knowledge, the accumulated wisdom of the ages - presented to the modern civilization in scientific, radical and rational terms. "

M. Sufilight asks:
Yes. But - presented - by WHOM, and on behalf of WHOM?
On behalf of the Theosophical Society?
Or merely presented by one self on behalf of one self - or - by an elite-group?

M. Sufilight

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  From: Ramanujachary 
  Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 4:40 PM
  Subject: theos-talk Pure Theosophy


  Mind always thinks in terms of Alternatives and Opposites. What we mean by Pure Theosophy is the Doctrines, Tenets, Principles and Basics of Theosophy. We may call it Classical, Technical, Basic and the like. The other terms can be Applied, Practical, Analytical, and Critical Theosophy.
  When we use the term Pure Theosophy, we are not demeaning or degrading any particular system of presentation or methodology. It is synonymous with the usages such as Pure Mathematics and Applied/Analytical Mathematics; Pure Science and Applied Science or Technology (in the modern sense of the usage). Theory and Practice - are the terms normally employed. 
  It opens altogether a separate chapter when we bring in this terminology. 
  Are Theory/ Precept and Practice/application separate or independent or interdependent? One can say they are both.
  Take a concept like Unity of Life/ Universal Brotherhood. While debating, everyone agrees that there is no such disagreement in acceptance of the theory but when it comes to practice, all behave as though a division is obvious or apparent. 
  The fact remains Theory and Practice are inseparably one. One who thinks they are separate is a child, not a Wise-man, says one of the Indian scriptures. 
  Siddhanta and Abhyasa are the terms in Sanskrit for theory and practice.
  Dhih and Devotion
  Human knowledge is explained as `Dhih' and it needs to be all the time expanded and expounded. There has to be `Reverence' (devotion) towards the Knowledge and the Revealer of the Knowledge. There are many such Qualities that are needed to fill/ quench the whole cup of thirst. All the Qualities are likened to an Ocean. "K a l y a n a - G u n a - A r n a v a m"
  The student acquires all these eventually and becomes rooted in them.
  What we try to study as Pure theosophy is the `Principles' that are expressed as Theosophy. An Intellectual understanding of the Principles of Theosophy is necessary for a student, so that he/she can leap into the arena of Practice/Application. It does not mean the student waits till he arrives at the total `intellectual understanding' before beginning ever to practice. The need of the student is to practice what he has learnt, master that and thus prepare him/her for the further lesson.
  Intuition and Intellect
  Intellectual and Intuitional understanding go hand in hand. The student is the hard-board for the experiment. His mind will be the spring board for ideas.
  We refer to the Inaugural Address of Col. H S Olcott when he launched the Society.
  Behind us, there gathers a Mighty Power that nothing can withstand - the power of truth.
  This Society will be the means of furnishing such unanswerable proofs of the immortality of the soul, that none but fools will doubt.
  We must make ourselves familiar with the manifold powers of the human soul and test the claims for the potency of the human will. 
  Madame Blavatsky provided the basic philosophy which she learnt from the Masters of the Wisdom. The Adepts themselves, in their correspondence, revealed many mysteries of Nature.
  Summing up, Theosophy is a Body of knowledge, the accumulated wisdom of the ages - presented to the modern civilization in scientific, radical and rational terms. The outcome of theosophical Principles and the formation of the Society are Historical necessities.
  What actually these principles are is gradually added on to the ledger of understanding of the humanity. The factors of human evolution within the bosom of cosmic evolution, the way and approaches to Truth, the quality of Life that must be lead to get at the other edge/shore of knowledge - have all become classified under the Knowledge of Theosophy. It will be equally interesting to know the Sources of this knowledge.
  Application to life 
  For applying any science to life a preliminary knowledge about is necessary. First step would be to see the set of theories as real, understand their inevitability; the second step would be pick and choose what appears more appealing to one self; and then diligently work upon them. The Course of Pure Theosophy is meant to prepare this ground. Theosophy has many facets. It is a study of Cosmic evolution and within its bosom the human evolution; the Nature of God (the highest principle beyond all human comprehension), Universe and Matter that seems to be less permanent. It is a study of the Continuity of Life, Immortality of Soul. It is a study of constant learning of the human soul the matters of Origination, emergence and development. It is a study encompassing all matters of Life and Consciousness; Opening of higher perceptions as on imbibes the quality of Intelligence. Theosophy has Occultism and Mysticism at its base. It is a safe and sure path for the Humanity to travel comfortably in all Known and Unknown zones. It is an awakening of the Mind, enlightening and empowering that. Human story is all the time a Transition. Change being the permanent factor in Life and our being; when we call it by terms such as Evolution and the like, we are trying to crystallize what cannot be crystallized. Evolution is a flow, a constant and incessant flow that never ends. That is why the life and its spiritual content never meet death. We study here the divisions that are not truly divisions. #####


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