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Re: theos-talk Slowing down metabolic rate

May 19, 2012 02:50 PM
by Augoeides-222


 On this topic I encourage all to read the following links, they have content on the same subject matter and represent a present time example. also your comment about Blavatskys comment I recall reading. And in addition another example is related by the Mahatma having taked temporary quasi-hibernation state, laying his body to rest under the caretaking of an appointed guardian in an especially prepared location whilst he roams the realms of spac e and time and consciousness unhindered by the body, it is also said by the Mahatma that this is also a life extending methodology. 

Ram Bahadur Bomjon -Wikipedia 


Ram Bahadur Bomjon Biography 


Opening Speech for the World Peace Maitri Puja on March 21st (Spring Equinox ) 2012 


ÂÂÂ T here were "sounds"Âin the sky as he proceeded in his progress, there are sounds in the sky in many various locations of the world. ÂRead of his long term meditation without fatal effect and also his dialogue on "Truth" and it's Nature and attainment. 



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In an article just published, it is stated 

The microbes in these deep-sea colonies have a meiousnessabolic rate 2 million 
times slower than an average human cell, Hoehler told LiveScience. And if 
you were to measure the oxygen used in about 11 square feet (1 square 
meter) of sediment in these North Pacific areas, it would take 10 years for 
the bacteria within that area to consume the amount of oxygen that a person 
uses in a single breath. 

This is an interesting comment. We have read about how Hatha Yoga 
practitioners in the East, can go on without food for a long period of time 
and apparently some yogic practices can slow down the metabolic process of 
the body and thus body can subsist for a long period without nutrition. (It 
is possible that Jivanmuktas use a technique of slowing down metabolic 
rate, thus keep their physical body for a long time.) 

In a recently discovered document, HPB claims that, in spite of her serious 
state of health, her life was prolonged by slowing down the metabolic 
process when she was asleep. We may expect in the days to come, science 
confirm the ability of human body to slow down metabolic process. 

Here is the link about the deep-sea microbes: 

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