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Re: theos-talk Re: Note on Light On The Path

May 15, 2012 02:28 PM
by James Stewart

Wow! What have you been reading?

Jim Stewart

On 5/15/2012 1:49 PM, Mark Jaqua wrote:
> Much of this is pure Bailey and Steiner horse-pitooey, and has nothing 
> to do with Theosophy. Steiner's source of "occult information" was his 
> sex-magic practices (see Henk Spierenberg's study). Hillarion was not 
> one of the Theosophical Mahatmas, although an occult adept, and an 
> inspirer of a minority of Collins' writings, including Idyll of the 
> White Lotus and probably Light on the Path. As for Hillarian being 
> "Head of the 5th Ray" in your imaginary Bailey-ite scheme of "Rays" and 
> "Heads", apparently even non-mahatmas are appointed (by who?....) as 
> Blavatsky writes in a letter to "Light", June 8, 1889 that she 
> recognized Hillarion as "an old friend of ours, a Greek, and no 
> Mahatma, though an Adept...." I wonder if any "Ray" positions are open? 
> (Does it pay well?) Maybe there are some minor Ray Headships available 
> - like "Ray 4 & 9/16th," or something such.
> - jake j.
> -------------------
> >1a. Note on Light On The Path
> Posted by: "Ramanujachary" 
> <> ensiar
> Date: Mon May 14, 2012 8:44 am ((PDT))
> >Dr N C Ramanujachary
> >Light on the Path
> >This is a short treatise coming from Mabel Collins (1851-1927) whose 
> real name was Mrs. Kunningale Cook.
> >Isabelle de Seiger in her book Memorabilia(Pub: Rider & Co, London) 
> states: She (Mabel Collins) described to me as having been written 
> psychically but not automatically, as was the custom at that time of 
> several mediums, which ended by the writers being put into asylum as 
> people unfitted to be at large. --- She told me that she wrote it in a 
> wide-awake state, within some large library, which was called by some 
> one, herself or another, the Hall of Learning. (Adyar Lib. 921-493 Ste-a)
> >Light on the path was first published in Banner of Light, a monthly 
> magazine. MC brought the printed text to HPB's notice, who instantly 
> said it was written by Master Hilarian.
> >MC was devoted to HPB. She was separated from her husband, who died 
> shortly afterwards. MC parted from HPB, also from Annie Besant and left 
> the Theosophical Society. She was earlier the co-editor of Lucifer, the 
> monthly magazine started by HPB while in London.
> >Suggestive Enquiries by Atweed, LOP by MC and Perfect Way by Mrs Anna 
> Kingsford, were separate books, for altogether different reasons, 
> intended to `import the Hidden Wisdom to mankind.' Isabelle received 
> guidance from Rudolf Steiner.
> >Master Hilarian is the head of the Fifth Ray. He gave The Voice of the 
> Silence through Madame Blavatsky and the Light on the path through MC. 
> The Venitian Master translated LOP from Sanskrit to Greek language. 
> Master Hilarian was his disciple in Alexandria. He gave them in English 
> thro' MC, for the members of the Theosophical Society. Master Hilarian 
> was Iamblichus in his former life. He is also known as Cyrian Adept. He 
> also helped her write some occult stories like The Ensouled Violin.
> >LOP was first published in 1885. In 1887, HPB was taken to London and 
> sheltered at Maycot, Upper Norwood, the house of MC.
> >As reported in The Path( Aug. 1890), MC brought a suit against HPB and 
> later withdrew that.
> >The other prominent works of MC were: The Idyll of the White Lotus 
> (which is the tragic story of a past life of the Master Hilarian), When 
> the Sun moves Northward. The other works are: Loves Chaplet (London TPH 
> 1905), Our Glorius Future (Edinburgh, 1928), One Life One Law (1938, 
> USA), Pleasure and Pain (1896)- an essay on practical occultism, First 
> Steps in Occultism(London TPH 1895), Fragments of Thought and Life, The 
> Crucible (1914), The Builders (1910), The awakening (1906).
> >The Inner title of the publication in 1896 appears this way:
> >Light on the Path
> >Karma
> Green Leaves
> A Treatise
> Written for the personal use of those
> Who are ignorant of the Eastern
> Wisdom and who desire to enter
> Within its influence.
> >By
> Mabel Collins
> >London
> George Redway
> 1896
> __________________________________________________________
> >Note: The current editions of the text do not carry Green Leaves 
> portion. Sometimes, the comments on the Rules are also omitted.
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