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- For a good laugh....

May 04, 2012 04:39 PM
by Mark Jaqua

     I've posted this here before, and after re-reading it again, and although don't like to beat dead dogs, think it worth posting again for a good laugh, at least.


   After Gregory Tillet's biography of C.W. Leadbeater in the early 1980's, "The Elder Brother," I thought possibly that the Leadbeater movement in the Adyar T.S. would be over and done with - no such luck.  If that book wasn't damning enough, Tillet got his Ph.D. from an about 1100 page study of Leadbeater and the T.S. of that time, finished in 1986, which is now online at the University of Sydney's Digital Theses section at 

   Last I knew Dan Caldwell also had a link to it at <>.  It is a hours-long download of many sections, unless you have a broadband connection (I don't.) There is also an rtf version circulating.   It has Much New information that very few are aware of, and is even more completely damning as to Leadbeater's character than the "Elder Brother" was.  My lords! what does it take!?  After this, Leadbeater and all his associated groups (LCC, Co-Masons, etc.) should be banned with any type of association with anything bearing the "Theosophical" name.  Why aren't they? - because the fools and left-handers have taken over, that's why.  Although they should be running out of excuses shortly.

   I read Tillet's long thesis and made some Index notes.  Below is a synopsis and page numbers for generally some very disgusting bits of documented information on the "Bishop" and his crew.  They are "notes", the references are not complete.

- pp 161, 905ff - CWL's onanistic "meditations"

- pp 176-77 - CWL steals the boy Jinarajadasa from his parents (as he did Krishnamurti and his brother.)

- pp 181 - Blavatsky refers to C.W. Leadbeater as "W.C." (for "water closet")

- pp 183-84 - Leadboater thought he could "individualize" cats so that they would reincarnated as humans

- pp 229-31ff - Katherine Tingley gets Hotel in California to cancel Leadbeater Lecture

- pp 234ff, 245, 247, 265-6, 630 - Alexander Fullerton, who had been Judges' "right-hand man," but later left Judge for Besant,  his involvement in letters of CWL to young boys, etc.  Fullerton was eventually arrested for writing an incriminating letter to a boy and thrown in an asylum.  (A homosexual apparently, and perhaps deserving it - considering how things go, this latter could have been a frame-up or not, no details.)  Tingley was responsible for this, and Fullerton had gotten an agency to investigate the condition of children at Tingley's Point Loma school.  (It passed with flying colors.)

- pp 293-94 - There is a good G.R.S. Mead quote here:  "At all times of great spiritual revival, the foul reflection, the distortion, the perversion of the most Sacred Mysteries accompanies it;  at all such times the true Mysteries have been surrounded and besmirched with the foulest of sex crimes.  For the High Mysteries have to do chiefly with the Mystery of Regeneration." 

- pp 508ff, 628ff - Tingley's group unofficially put out two pamphlets condemning Adyar, CWL and Besant for morals, and disclaimed any relationship with their TS.  These were written by Fussell.

- pp 547-48 - witness accounts of CWL "handling" young boys, including Krishnamurti, who later called CWL "an evil man."

- pp 565 - CWL puts a dead theosophist at the head of his "invisible helpers" in the War effort

- pp 587 - Prominent Buddhist Anagarika Dharmapala writes that " ...Members of the Theosophical Society who follow Leadbeater and Mrs Besant are against Buddhism.  They follow Jesus and he they say is greater than our Lord Buddha.  Leadbeater and Mrs Besant steal everything from Buddhism and palm it off as their own and swindle the ignorant members of the TS in England." 

- pp 610-11 - CWL says he is in communication with HPB who has incarnated in a 14-yr. old Indian boy (what else!).  Previously, Besant, at least, said she had incarnated in Chakravarti's daughter.

- pp 634-35, 672-78, 900ff - CWL witnessed naked in bed with boys, taking baths, and else.  Martyn, head of the Australian TS writes:  "....Leadbeater is a sex-pervert, his mania taking a particular form which I have - though only lately - discovered is a form well known and quite common in the annals of sex-criminology."  One person wrote:  "Martyn and his allies soon came to look upon the Liberal Catholic Church as no more than the front for a gang of pederasts." 

- pp 714-15 - Wedgwood, a LCC Bishop and prominent in the Adyar TS, contracted syphilis from homosexuality, used cocaine, and later went insane.  

- pp 728 - LCC Bishop Arundale, and later President of Adyar TS, said one should wear silk underwear for occult reasons.

- pp 738 - Krishnamurti, who had the common sense and courage to turn against CWL and Besant, Arundale, etc., was told by Arundale that unless he stopped criticizing them, Krishnamurti's brother Nitya would die.  Krishnamurti didn't change, and Nitya died.  Whether this was from natural causes or being black-magic "hoo-dooed", who can say.

- pp 793-94, 912 - According to E.L. Gardner, Besant realized finally that she had been deluded her whole latter life, and been "seeing the creations of her own imaginations."  She was going to make a breech of it publicly, but died before she could.

- pp 902 - CWL got an enema every morning from a boy.

- pp 910-12ff - That CWL followed a practice too disgusting to put here.

- pp 1041 - The LCC (Liberal Catholic Church - hand-in-glove always with the Adyar TS) is basically a homosexual organization, as its first 3 presiding "bishops" or leaders were all homosexuals.


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