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Re: theos-talk The Greek "Book of the Dead" by Plutarch

May 04, 2012 02:03 AM
by Augoeides-222


ÂÂ Thanks very much for this post which is pregnant and profound to me personally. In the 1975-81 period I was experiencing many events which were extraordinary in a UFO Experiencer case. One of the originations he made were a story of the Catapillar and the Butterfly that told how two catapillars climbed a very , very high vine clear into the high clouds 
accompanied by many other catapillars and what they confronted as they collectively climbed the vine and when they finially arrived at the very top. I will try to scan this story and post it for you to compare, he even had art work illustrations of the story heÂtold usÂ. Another item it reminded me of is the "Hunab Kab Butterfly Temple" of the Mayans at Teotihaucan. They don't seem to have a lot to say about the Temple of the Butterflys but the Aztec, Mayans and other had a habit of carving multiple human "heads" with multiple "mouths" a principle figure in stele' and other historic representations. It often reminded me of the Vedanta scheme and Blavatskys Economy of the Being. The twin Pahana's muat climb the road into the heavens of our Galaxy following the "Dark Rift" in the Milky Way to finially arrive at the Center of the Galaxy and completing the long awaited fulfillment of prophecy of the Mayan. 


ÂÂ Also, G. R. S. Mead in one of his works wrote of the labor of a god to rescue a soul in the realm of Persephone which required him to use the "thread" of Ariadhe asa guide and means of return to the human world. 



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Plutarch on the fate of the three-fold 
human being [body (soma), soul or mind (psyche) and spirit (nous)] 
after physical death. 


Man is compound [soma, psyche & nous]; and they are mistaken who 
think him to be compounded of two parts only. 

For they imagine that the understanding [nous] is a part of the soul 
[psyche], but they err in this no less than those who make the soul 
[psyche] to be a part of the body [soma]. 

For the understanding [nous] as far exceeds the soul [psyche], as the 
soul [psyche] is better and diviner than the body [soma]. 

Now this composition of the soul [psyche] with the understanding 
[nous] makes reason; and [the composition of psyche] with the body 
[soma] [makes] passion [thumos]. 

Of these three parts [soma, psyche & nous] conjoined and compacted 
together, the earth has given the body [soma], the moon [has given] 
the soul [psyche], and the SUN [has given]the understanding [nous] 
to the generation [creation] of man. 

Now of the [two] deaths we die, the one [the first death, the 
physical death] makes man two [psyche & nous] [instead] of three 
and the other [the second death in hades ] [makes] one [nous] 
[instead] of two. 

The former [the first death] is in the region of Demeter [earth]. 

As for the other [second] death, it is in the moon or region of 
Persephone [hades]. 

This [first death] suddenly and with violence plucks the soul 
[psyche] from the body [soma]; but Persephone mildly and in a long 
time disjoins the understanding [nous] from the soul [psyche].. 

For this reason she is called Monogenes, only begotten, or rather 
begetting one alone; for the better part of man [nous] becomes alone 
[one] when it [nous] is separated [in Hades from psyche] by her. 

Now both the one [first death] and the other [second death] happens 
thus according to nature. 

It is ordained by Fate that every soul [psyche], whether with or 
without understanding [nous] , when gone out of the body [soma], 
should wander for a time, though not all for the same [time], in the 
region [of hades] lying between the earth and moon . 

For those that have been unjust and dissolute suffer then [in hades] 
the punishment due to their offences; but the good and virtuous are 
there [in hades] detained till they are purified, and have, by 
expiation, purged out of them all the infections they might have 
contracted from the contagion of the body [soma], living in the 
mildest part of the air, called the Meadows of Hades, where they must 
remain for a certain prefixed and appointed time. 

And then, as if they were returning from a wandering pilgrimage or 
long exile into their [home] country, they have a taste of joy, such 
as they principally receive who are initiated into Sacred Mysteries, 
mixed with admiration, and each one's proper and peculiar hope. 


Abridged, edited and adapted from HPB's Isis Unveiled and The Key to 



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