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Re: Universal Brotherhood and the TS

May 03, 2012 03:37 PM
by Mark Jaqua

      I'm not a member of a TS, but _Every_ belief is conditional and relative, even the idea of having a belief in universal brotherhood as the only recquirement of membership, regardless what a person believes otherwise.  Take your own advice MKR and play the devil's advocate on this stance.  If a view is directly and actively antagonistic to the founder's Theosophy - does that matter?  If a person actively believes is sexual love with children - as Leadbeater did,* and there's many such - while still claiming a belief in "universal brotherhood" - is this OK with you?  Is it OK just with other's children, but not your own?  There's many such questions - where does a person draw the line? - which most everyone acts on by common sense.  Everything in the world is a seat of the pants discrimination, there's no ultimate set of rules. 
                              - jake j.
      * Purucker told Besant that this guy was not welcome at a Point Loma Fraternization Conference that Besant was invited to, for precedent.

>2b. Re: Very important discussion at Mahatma C.W. Leadbeater group
    Posted by: "MKR" ramadoss226
    Date: Wed May 2, 2012 7:31 am ((PDT))

>The cement that keeps everyone interested in theosophy is Universal
Brotherhood together is not any of the beliefs. And sympathy with it is all
that is needed for anyone to join TS, if they want to.

>What one believes is his or her own business. Who am I to judge? Ridiculing
does no good. Let us all think about it.


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