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Re: theos-talk SD Chronology of Races, Rounds, etc.

May 02, 2012 03:56 PM
by Augoeides-222


ÂÂÂ Interesting, my copy of the Surya Siddhanta is Wizards Book Shelve issue.It is based upon a translation of 1858, ISBN # 0-913510-13-0. An un ique Âcorralate to the basic values of certain of the cycle periods is that they are multiples of the Solar Sun's Radius, Diameter (432,000 mi and 864,000 mi.), the Moons Diameter and Radius Â(2160 mi. and 1080 mi.), the Earth's Diameter rounded of 8000 mi. and Radius of 4000 mi. are also divisional integers in many of the Surya Siddhanta's cycle values. 

ÂErh, Donald Riegle querys why the value of 4960 for elapsed time of the Kali Y ug since the Golden Yud should agree with the 1885-82ÂAD date. I think the stable datum for the begin poi9nt of the Kali Yau is based upon the death of Lord Krishna in 3104 BC but sub tracting 1885 fromÂ4860 years gives only 3101 as the begin datewhich is off by 3 years so the real date in the 18 00's should seem to be "1882" giving 3104 BC. ? Â 

The curious short hand of sun, moon, earth (unity of three) diameter/radius is alwys been interesting to me another lunar value is the zodialogical sign cycle of 2160 years or "one moon" so to speak even if there are thirteen moons in a lunar sun lol.( 1 degree of precession of the sun equals 72 years for a product value of 2160 years for each sign of the zodiac giving the great solar year of 2,5920 years. Also the sacred Mala Rosary has 108 beads which number is also a divisor integer 2160 divided by 108 = 20, 464,000 divided by 108 =Â 8000 the value of the rounded earth's diameter , and son on. Even the distance of the Earth from the Sun when rounded is a value of 108 (93,000,000 divided by the Sun 864,000 = 107.63888). 

I noticed the Madame Blavatsky calculated the value of the Solar Great year somehow so that there was a difference of 52 earth years short of the total 25920 solar year. Hmmm.?, 

Daniel, thats so much for you stimulating posts that always gets me looking at things, 


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SD Chronology of Races, Rounds, etc. 

Some readers of this posting may find of interest a new blog that is dealing with 
this subject of late plus other relevant material on the Stanzas of Dzyan. 

I have created an easy link to this blog. Just type into the address window of 
your internet browser the following: 

then hit return and voila you should go to: 

which in turn goes to the blogs address and website. 


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