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Edi D. Bilimoria - 2009 - Back to Blavatsky will Fossilize Theosophy

Apr 28, 2012 01:46 AM
by M. Sufilight

May I?
Very interesting the recent article by the Bilimoria...

Here is another recent one by Edi D. Bilimoria (not the old N.F. Bilimoria) form the TS Adyar, magazine "The Theosophist", October 2009.

(by Edi D. Bilimoria --- The Thesophist, 2009)

"A disciple of HPB (or 
other spiritual teacher or sage for that
matter) would certainly qualify for being
a theosophist; but a puritanical devotee
of HPB would not so qualify because of
an attitude veering towards that funda-
mentalism which is so imimical to our
Society. We are alle drawn towards par-
ticular teachings that resonate with our
nature and meet the needs of our personal
spiritual quest. This is the natural human
condition. Moreover, we are entitled to,
in fact we must share our enthusiasm with
others regarding those who have inspired
us on our journey. But we may not impose 
upon or try to convert others to our mode
of thinking or cause schisms when others
disagree with us. There is no overridning
apiritual authority in the TS."
"What further 
proof do we need than this statement again 
in our Principal Founder's own words:
'In its capacity of an abstract body, the Society [the TS] does not
believe in anything, does not accept anything, and does not teach
anything..' 21 Surely this implies that if TS were to establish any 
one teaching as exclusive and autoritative, the individual search for truth necessarily
demanding freedom and liberty of members to do so, would be stifled."
   "Do we then want to adopt en ethos of 
'back to Blavatsky'? If so, we must rest 
conent with future generations of theosophists 
merely brain-rehashing22 her
words. We would have a museum of 
circumscribed esotreric fossils ? guarded
by a cult of fossilized esotericists. But
moving forwards with Blavatsky and other
seers would generate that practical, Truth-
based regenerating brotherhood for which
our principal Founder devoted her whole
life and every ounce of her energies. This
means that we enrich the legacy of our
Founders23 by harmonizing the pioneering,
classical literature with added insights
and practical means drawn from the 
teachings of sages, enlightened scientists
and inspired artists from other spiritual
realms than just the traditional theosophical,
and from contemporary as well
as ancient times. An unquenchable, but 
selfless passion for truth at alle coists and
from all sources is therefore obligatory.

By Pedro Olivera in year 2005:
Madame Blavatsky on Dogma and Orthodoxy
"In its capacity of an abstract body, the Society [the TS] does not
believe in anything, does not accept anything, and does not teach
anything." (BCW, XI, 124)...etc., etc.

M. sufilight says:
But is it not so, that when one merely expand one - single teacher - to merely embrace, say, the thirteen
"Eminent Theosophists" so-called, given on the International TS Adyar website today (
we are still stifling and fossilizing the original object of the Theosophical Society - by givning the impression, that Orthodoxy within The Theosophical Society
is something desireable and something given emphasis? Is it not so?
I just ask...

And when we learn that the International Theosophical Society has some special Declarations - appearently on theosophical teachings - as given here:"Fundamentals of Theosophy" and more of the same -
When considering this I do honestly and sincerely think we all find ourselves caught up in theosophical Orthodoxy one way or the other - and any escape from it seem difficult to promulgate - when Altruism is made central with the other hand, - that is - the right hand.

So International Theosophical Society Adyar does not teach anything or believe anything???

I wonder whether Edi D. Bilimoira and Pedro Olivera and other TS members have read the Declarations given in the above link( ) very carefully - and - whether they are aware of that the International Theosophical Society Adyar website is promoting a narrow set of "Eminent Theosophists" as the scope of the Theosophical Society? And not to talk about - the Theosophical Orthodoxy - we witness continously on quite a number of other TS website around the globe in other countries as well? (Try good old England for a much better version - well as far as I am concerned - - But then again - the website seem to get lost in "Theosophy Orthodoxy" its section called "Introductory Study 1-8" - here, where it forwards its very own teaching on something called - Theosophy: )

The Theosophical Society was never a Wisdom School so to create a supply of Occultists and Adepts. Something like this has always been reserved for Esoteric Sections and Occult closed gorups.
The Theosophical Society was originally merely the opening spot for a free search after the truth about the meaning of life, and nothing but the truth - and  - not somehting that should be made into a tool for a Messiah Craze or any other schemes, prioritized holy shrines, and false doctrines on "muslin and bladder", etc., etc.... And this can be documented from the original papers of the early days of the Theosophical Society. This is how I see it.

All the above are of course just my views. I present them from my heart seeking to promote altruism.
I will gladly change them if someone are able to prove them wrong or irrelevant.

M. Sufilight

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