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Strange Forces at Adyar

Apr 22, 2012 09:18 PM
by MKR

Long time ago, HPB wrote:

At Adyar itself, increasing strife and conflict has raged between
personalities; uncalled for and utterly undeserved animosity - almost
hatred - has been shown towards me by several members of the staff. There
seems to have been something strange and uncanny going on at Adyar, during
these last years. No sooner does a European, most Theosophically inclined,
most devoted to the Cause, and the personal friend of myself or the
President, set his foot in Headquarters, than he becomes forthwith a
personal enemy to one or other of us, and what is worse, ends by injuring
and deserting the Cause. Let it be understood at once that I accuse no one.
Knowing what I do of the activity of the forces of Kali Yuga, at work to
impede and ruin the Theosophical Movement, I do not regard those who have
become, one after the other, my enemies - and that without any fault of my
own - as I might regard them, were it otherwise.


When we look at the events of 2008 International Elections, one wonders if
the condition that HPB describes continues to this day. There is also the
comment by Jiddu Krishnamurti that Adyar is a place where once can become a
saint or a sinner.

Something to think about and you be the judge.


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