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Descent of Man Reviisted: /check out the Introduction (free)

Apr 20, 2012 11:04 AM
by lastmanthere

Descent of Man Revisited is now on sale at Amazon. 
I think that the issue of human evolution is a permanent crisis created by the stranglehood of Darwinian fundamentalism, which is incapable of explaining human emergence. There is one way we can get a new hint: world history, which gives the game away.
In any case, it is completely unrealistic to think that random evolution via natual selection did the job.  

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<blockquote>Descent of Man Revisited deals with the questions of world history and human emergence, as it explores issues of evolutionary theory, biological self-organization, and the history of biological thought, from the period of Lamarck and the predecessors of Darwin. The relationship of evolution to history remains a source of confusion, and the text explores this problem, along with the issues of non-random emergence visible in the archaeological record. This invites a close look at the data of the so-called Axial Age. Included is a new perspective on the rise of modernity, and the debates over secularism. The text contains a set of outlines of world history, attempting to examine the idea of 'evolutionary chronicles' as the early emergence of man passes through a transition from 'evolution to history'. This idea requires considering the idea of the 'evolution of freedom'. This creates a connection with issues of so-called Big History, and the classical philosophy of history. There are many additional topics discussed, from the evolution of ethics, and consciousness, to the riddle of evolutionary enlightenment, finally to the question of the 'first and last man', an idea from Olaf Stapleton, in a consideration of the future evolution of man, in the 'conclusion' or 'self-evolutionary epilog' of homo sapiens.</blockquote>

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