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Apr 10, 2012 09:09 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear William

My views are:

William you wrote:
"Theosophy does totally reject all forms of dogmatism, authoritarianism, and sectarian expression."

M. Sufilight asks:
I would like to know what you think...I ask: And are the theosophical organizations and related ones  - in general - performing very well in this regard today - when one consider how the various journalists, average New Agers and scientists, historians and psychologist - view them?

M. Sufilight

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  There is no reason that there should not be Moslem Theosophists. We only wish that there were more. Theosophy
  welcomes those of ALL religious backgrounds or of none. Theosophy is the Universal Solvent which makes sense of the TRUE meaning of ALL religious traditions.

  A True student of Theosophy is able to make sense of the different religious traditions and to see how they all fit into the universal plan
  for the upliftmet of humanity.

  While many who have embraced Theosophy feel they no longer have any need to identify with a particular religious tradition because of their Theosophical understandings, which is fine, there are others who still find meaning and comfort in a particular tradition, which is also fine.

  Those who maintain identity with a particular religious tradition do so however from an enlightened Theosophical perspective which transcends the normative teaching of that particular tradition, and may be considered "hetrodox" by their non-theosophical orthodox co-religionists. ( and thats OK).

  Because of their unique Theosophical perspectives, religious Theosophists often find themselves marginalized 
  and "politely shunned" by the more 
  conservative members of their particular religious tradition.
  Because of this phenomena religious Theosophists often form specific groups of their own in which they can fellowship with others who share their outlook.

  Theosophy is NOT Anti-Religious,
  it has no argument against the True expression of religious sentiment
  and divine aspiration. Theosophy does totally reject all forms of dogmatism, authoritarianism, and sectarian expression. The Masters of Wisdom, and Madamme Blavatsky were totally opposed to the sad state of religious expression that they found predominant at the time,
  which distorted the true purpose of 
  religion and made it a prison house instead of a gateway to Divinity.

  A Theosophical understanding of the Religions provides a forum for the 
  development of a Common Ground of 
  Harmony among various religious expressions. This can lead to 
  interfaith constructive dialogue and engagement. In fact, Theosophy is
  the IDEAL venue for venturing into
  Interfaith Dialogue and engagement
  if we know how to approach this properly.

  We know this as an actual fact because for the past 18 years members of Orlando Lodge have been actively engaged in the Interfaith Community of Central Florida, promoting Interfaith Dialogue and Constructive engagement among the various fatih traditions on a regular basis. 

  In order to do these things productively, we ourselves must first be grounded in a thorough
  understanding of the basics of Theosophy, and centered in the 
  ideal of the ONE LIFE. N.Sri Rams
  "Meditation on Life" is an ideal 
  practice to develope this "centeredness."

  There has been a lot of criticism over the years by non-religious Theosophists who do not really have
  this transcendent understanding of Theosophy against such movments as 
  The Liberal Catholic Church, The Bharat Samaj,The Co-Masonic Order,
  and other Theosophically inspired
  activities. These activities do NOT
  promote the normative orthodox agendas of the various faiths, but are geared to instill a Theosophical perspective into the different traditions, motivated by our Theosophical Understanding of our Essential Unity.

  Theosophy shows that the TRUE Teachings, (not the present distortions) of ALL the religious prophets and teachers are echoing
  our understanding of The Ancient Wisdom. 

  The "left-brained" intellectuals among us may have a difficult time 
  appreciating this perspective, because it really requires a "right -brain" (buddhic) approach to comprehend its value.

  Our challenge right now is to become
  thoroughly familiar with the Basic Teachings of Theosophy, to become Centered In The Ideal of Unity, ( again, N. Sri Rams Meditation on Life is an ideal practice.)
  And to seek out, and/or create venues for Interfaith engagement.

  "The Higher Your Source of Illumination, The Smaller The Shadow You Cast." --N.Sri Ram


  William Delahunt

  William Delahunt has been a member of The Society since 1969, and actively engaged in Theosophical Education since then.
  He is a Past President of Orlando Lodge, and currently serves as its Secretary , and Director of The School of Theosophy, Orlando.


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