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1,000 member strong Theosophical Network

Apr 08, 2012 09:08 PM
by MKR

Theosophy Network reaching 1,000 member milestone is significant. No other
public discussion forum has this many participants and are from around the

There are some significant points to note. Firstly, it is independent of
all organizations and all discussions are in the open. Secondly, it just
demonstrates how, in todayâs Internet environment, a committed individual
can get results and the future vehicle of communication is Internet and it
has been systematically avoided by all organizations whose supposed goal is
to spread theosophy and make theosophical materials available to students
all over the world.

More significantly, with English being the most widely used language, the
forum is a practical application of Universal Brotherhood without any
geographical or other artificial divisions as is the case in the past.

With the financial resources accessible to organizations, we should have
been in the leading edge of Internet applications for popularizing
theosophy, but sadly the bus has been missed.

Those who have not visited, should do so and get first
hand experience at the website.


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