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Revisiting Early Days of Theosophy

Apr 03, 2012 06:46 AM
by MKR

Visiting history is very educative and also gives a true perspective of
events. Such is the case with theosophy, its introduction to modern times
and the founding of Theosophical Society.

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of those who lived in 1875. Here comes
HPB and HSO, who after launching TS, moves the HQ to India.

HPB was a world traveler and knew the conditions in NY and also that in
India. So she was not moving to an unknown land. HSO a successful lawyer
and a man of the world. He himself said he was indeed a man of the world
and we know what all it means.

Unsuccessful attempts were made to start introducing ancient wisdom before.
The classic case was when Saint Ramalingam in India tried to start a
movement based on Universal Brotherhood and did not succeed and he himself
recognized the failure and foretold that the Mahatmas beyond Himalayas will
send people from Russia and United States and everyone will listen. This
was foretold even before HPB had any inkling of her future role.

Obviously there were very compelling convictions for HPB and HSO, both in
their prime of life, to commit themselves to the hard task of moving to
India at a time when travel and living conditions were quite hard and they
both did not have much money either. So the inspiration behind their
commitment for the cause cannot be just simply ignored. At least they were
fully convinced about the Adepts and that they had the knowledge that if
propagated to the world, can lead to immense long term benefit to the

In a letter HPB wrote about why she is not coming back to India, she
clearly laid out the relationship of the Adepts to theosophy and herself.
For whatever reason, it did not come to light until 1922 and this is a very
eye opening one for all students.

While all the discussions about man and the universe and their workings can
be very entertaining intellectual exercise, without the practical steps one
can take which affects people whom we come across every day, they have no
meaning for the common man, woman and child. The high regard in which
theosophy and TS has in India and Sri Lanka is the result of activities of
theosophists in affecting the common man. Such activities are critical for
the future propagation of theosophical verities and the TS world-wide. Let
us hope we all can join and do what we can.


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