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Re: theos-talk What Is Theosophy?

Apr 02, 2012 11:16 AM
by M. Sufilight

A few views...

Here is an interesting article by Blavatsky...related to the same.

WHAT IS THEOSOPHY?  (by Blavatsky in 1880, translated from French)
"To conclude this subject, our Society is entirely the opposite of every other society that exists. We do not permit in it the shadow of dogmatism, whether of religion or of science. Each in his own particular branch does and acts as it seems good to him, but no one thinks of imposing his ideas on others in our general meetings. A member who would say to his "Brother," of another religion: "Believe as I do or you will be damned," or who would try to make him believe that he alone possessed truth, or who should insult his beliefs, would be immediately expelled from the Society. "
(Let me ask from the heart: Then why only impose a few religions and a Christian sect on the present day TS Adyar compound. Who gives anyone the right to do this in the name of so-called Altruism and compassion - and for the sake of a claimed Unviersal Brotherhood of Humanity?

The questions that follows are primarily to those they might be relevant to address the questions to... : --- Why are, as I see it, almost no Theosophical organization outwardly giving an impression of its objects - being like pictured by Blavatksy in this article. Anyone? I find it sad, that it seems nobody in various theosophical organizations care - enough about Altruism to take this article so serious that their outward thesoophical organizational promotions clearly - are givinig its organizations outward promotions the same strong emphasis - at least as a minimum - giving the same non-sectarian angle as Blavatsky here mentions in her article . What do you think? - Is theosophy now to be turned into modern sectarian theosophy or neo-theosophy (and not as originally non-sectarian) - and are the new Theosophical organizations - organization structures - - as well - best served by seeking to avoid a non-sectarian stance being expressed clearly - as it was in the original Theosophical organizations ?)

See for instance the TS Adyar website and compare: 
"A New Era Begins

With Mrs Besant a new era began.  She gave a great lead in making Theosophy practical, urging members to apply the light of Theosophy to the various fields of human activity: religious, social, economic, political, etc.  For this purpose she instituted the Theosophical Order of Service, and the Sons of India, in 1908."

Further since it is known that the Theosophical Scoiety's organizational structure always was considered organic - because human  evolution was a proven fact in nature - aught one not consider the fact that great steps taken by the science of psychology (not belief !) in the Western countries - as well as in the Eastern ones? In 1875 the science of Psychology (the science of the Mind) was in its infancy. Today psychology is used almost everywhere - in business companies, in education, in the media, in marketing, among journalists etc. etc. This science of the Mind was - as I see it not for nothing - called the sixth sense by Blavatsky. (See the Secret Doctrine, Vol. I. p. 534-535 and also elsewhere in her papers.) Humanity is clearly learning to be aware of its Mind in these decades. Manas is developing.

M. Sufilight

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