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Re: theos-talk Re: On how to promote altruism for humanity

Nov 30, 2011 06:08 AM
by M. Sufilight

I will continue as before, however perhaps with more caution.

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  Dear M. Sufilight.

  You are exactly what the creator needs you to be. Your soul has a message for the physical world and you are bound by your nature to voice it. My guess is that most voluntary members of theosophical , philosophical, spiritual and mystical communities have similar doubts of themselves from time to time. 

  There are many sacred laws that govern this creation. One of the more obvious is the supreme power of unconditional Love. Throughout these life journeys we will experience the "the attracts of the insidious". Since the fall of Adam, mankind has struggled with the concept of sharing. 

  A wise man once said "judge not least yee too be judged" realise this applies to the whole of todays creation. Are you a Christian Fundamentalist ??? only you have right to decide. Be kind to yourself. Is that person at the meeting "quite mad" again in the same token. Only that person has the right to judge himself. 

  The answer to your question is ::: Rise above. You are a man of Goood. That's the way the creator made you. Offer only unconditional love in all your undertakings. 

  That way, you won't give a rats-ass what they say. 
  We all get crucified in the end, hopefully.

  Peace and Love, always everywhere. 


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  > Dear friends
  > My views are:
  > I have been through a meeting with a person who as I see it was acting quite mad. I am not going to mention the name on the person.
  > I would like to ask the members on this forum:
  > Am I to be considered - a Christian Fundamentalist - by how I am writing about theosophical subjects and life as such on this forum?
  > If so, would you please elaborate on your views?
  > I ask honestly, because I am a bit in doubt about how you view me.
  > M. Sufilight
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