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Re: theos-talk not - so - subtle mind control!!!

Nov 29, 2011 10:31 AM
by libertyson11

"With other words: It is the Christian religion and Islam, which are behind all the major problems. And their pseudo-followers as well, more or less conscious of course. Also among New Age organisations."


I find your repetitive analysis and postings frankly, tiresome. 

I find your analysis shallow and myopic.

Monsanto is in the process of destroying much of the natural world and ability of Man to sustain ourselves. 

Mega-farming corporations are striving to take over all food production of the earth. 

The communists have murdered far, far more people than all the errant wars, crusades and protestant and Catholic Inquisitions in history. 

The economic wage slavery of mankind is maintained through fractional reserve banking and the central banking systems of the nations combined. 

And if you want to look at "who own the media", "who owns Hollywood", do a web search.  It won't be either Islamics or Christians, I assure you. Ditto with who owns and runs the Federal Reserve. 

I could go on. 
And you suppose that people getting together without the specter of factional sects hanging over people heads will magically manifest as a transformed world, or so I read you.  Correct me if I am wrong. 

Childish, fantasy thinking, it seems to me...

I don't know what your karmic record is, but often people return to balance a karma they have by fighting against what they erred in imbalance in a past life. 

In the spirit of Brotherhood, I remain. 

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