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Re: theos-talk Krotonian Fall 2011 Issue

Nov 20, 2011 04:34 PM
by MKR

Primary goal of TS is to spread theosophy. Publishing got started not with
the main idea of making money out of the books; but to spread theosophy. In
HPB days, print media was the only choice and she used it. But today's
media is digital files.

We are living in strange and unbelievable times far as TS is concerned. All
you need to look at is the last International election and the subsequent
ultra secret attempt to disenfranchise all members - what an unforgettable
and  fine and remarkable display of Brotherhood in action - mind you
Brotherhood is the foundation of theosophy and TS.

Is it Maya - 'good and bad' working with full force behind all this? It may
be the same thing which seems to be blinding all the leaders who think they
are 'walking the path'  and yet unable to connect the dots of electronic
publishing and spreading of theosophy and make it accessible for the
ordinary man and woman who is not a fat cat.

I hope and pray that Lords of Wisdom will soon open the eyes of movers and
shakers in charge of printing and publishing in theosophical circles thus
help Humanity - which is but our brothers and sisters looking for the Light.


On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 1:53 PM, <> wrote:

> **
> Mkr,
>     Lol your making me laugh!
> >>>When did you see any recent important theosophical publication in
> digital
> format? <<<
>   It reminds of a statement from the UFO Case --- "see now the truth that
> you fear ----- fear not the end is not of Life!". Maybe the honchos up
> there fear the "truth" of the IT age
> in their inner knowingness realize that the form and type of the 1880's
> dispensation can no longer ift in the "Now" of today. Ergo they "can't"
> overcome the "confront" barrier because they are conflicted by the fear of
> the ever present Truth which they feel would cause death and non-survival?
> John
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> From: "MKR" <>
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> Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2011 9:18:05 AM
> Subject: theos-talk Krotonian Fall 2011 Issue
> The latest issue of Krotonian - a newsletter issued by Krotono Institute
> of
> Theosophy, Krotona, Ojai, California. While KIT is independent of TS, its
> head is the International President of Theosophy and Esoteric School of
> Theosophy in North America is located there.
> The latest issue has an interesting article about the Esoteric School
> which
> was reprinted from Quest Magazine published by the American Section of TS.
> It is just eight pages long and sent gratis to anyone interested.
> For the last couple of years, I have been trying to get KIT make Krotonian
> available as a pdf file so that there will be wider circulation and saving
> of cost and trees.
> Anyone reading this message knows that producing a pdf file is a piece of
> cake and takes just couple of minutes. But the suggestion has fell on deaf
> years. You can take horse to the water; but cannot make it drink; as the
> famous saying goes.
> Most people involved in KIT are really old and most of them do not seem to
> appreciate the role of electronic documents in todayâs world. It is also
> possible that they are taking the cue from traditional organizational
> leaders who (for reasons known only to them) avoid digital media including
> Internet as a tool for dissemination of information.
> When did you see any recent important theosophical publication in digital
> format? When did you see any of the organizational leaders participate in
> the free Internet forums?
> Just wanted to share the information and some of my thoughts.
> There is no religion higher than truth.
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