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Re: theos-talk Comments on an article about Esoteric School of TS

Nov 19, 2011 02:38 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear John and friends

My views are:

Thank you for forwarding your views.

John wrote:
"I knew an ES member who once said that the Old First Editions 
(CWLeadbeater) had some (or a few) teachings of the ES .... now 

M. Sufilight says:
Why not have all those first editions by Leadbeater put online as PDF and the editions in existence before he died?
I think this would be a good idea.
There must be some persons who are able to do so and who has access to the books and other materials.

M. Sufilight

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: John E. Mead 
  Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2011 3:59 PM
  Subject: Re: theos-talk Comments on an article about Esoteric School of TS

  MKR -
  You have hit on a very perplexing issue.
  The ES appears to be a major "Part" of the TS (well, TSA at least) and 
  yet they are not officially a part of the TS. Or - that was the 
  position at one point in this puzzle, as I recall.
  Regardless, the ES appears to be part of the TS. I recall receiving a 
  letter of introduction from the ES at one point (granted - quite a long 
  time ago) , which implies they had access to the TS membership list. I 
  am unsure if that is still true or even if they still mail those to new 
  members of the TS.
  I do know firsthand that many people left (or would not join) the TS 
  because of the impression that the ES controlled the TS (puppet masters) 
  and were the Heart of the Dogmatic-Side and Liturgy. Indeed - a few 
  people refer to them as the "Dark-Lodge". From a Taoist point of view - 
  that Dark-side is needed to cycle people back into the Light and Freedom 
  of individual pursuits.
  So - the real question is why would anyone join the ES?
  I knew an ES member who once said that the Old First Editions 
  (CWLeadbeater) had some (or a few) teachings of the ES .... now 
  removed/emended. I have no idea.
  Ironically - a Top-Secret classification (USA) for extra-sensitive 
  material has often been referred to as a TS-ES clearance. One Physicist 
  referred to it as TopSecret - Embarrassingly Sensitive (i.e. a ton of 
  money spent on a really stupid idea and was too embarrassing to ever 
  "let out").

  On 11/19/2011 8:05 AM, MKR wrote:
  > Articles about the ES of the Theosophical Society are very rare. Recent
  > issue of Krotonian - a newsletter put out by Krotona Institute of
  > Theosophy, Ojai, California has a reprint of an article titled âWhat is the
  > ES?â which originally appeared in the Quest Magazine in 1999.
  > The articleâs author is the former President of the American Section and
  > the candidate who unsuccessfully tried to defeat Radha Burnier in the last
  > election.
  > Opening sentence reads âthe purpose of the ES can be expressed
  > Radha Burnier suggests, preparing oneself to lead a truly
  > Theosophical life.â
  > The article also reveals how ES membership in USA is very small. However,
  > it is pointed out that every International President and American Section
  > National President has been a member. As a corollary, I suspect that most
  > likely, heads of all Sections around the world and the members of the
  > General Council are members of ES.
  > So it is very clear that for all practical purposes, if you want to be in a
  > leadership position in the TS, invariably you end up being a member of ES
  > as well.
  > Many lodges around the world, when welcoming new members of TS, are told
  > about the ES and how one can apply for membership after two years of
  > membership in the TS.
  > Let us look at the recent history of TS. In the last International
  > Election, most of those who worked to defeat Radha Burnier using the ruse
  > that she is mentally and physically sick, were members of the ES. In
  > addition, the quartet of GC members who ultra secretly attempted to
  > disenfranchise all members and seize the Presidency and make the President
  > a puppet of GC members were members of the ES.
  > Many who have been around TS for a long time personally know of the
  > dedication, integrity and altruism of many ES members who were the driving
  > force behind many lodges around the world.
  > But, new TS members will have great difficulty in reconciling the aims of
  > the ES in the light of the events cited above in which ES members were
  > leading participants. Internet makes it possible for anyone to learn about
  > the events with ease and facts are transparent. So we will have to wait and
  > see to what extent the past actions of TS leaders who are members of ES has
  > hurt both TS and ES.
  > MKR
  > There is No Religion Higher Than Truth


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