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November 17 - TS Founders' Day

Nov 16, 2011 10:43 PM
by MKR

Theosophists world over remember November 17th the day Theosophical Society
was founded in NY in 1875. On this day, theosophists remember the
contributions of the Founders - HPB and HSO, the fruits of their labor many
have enjoyed. Anyone who has been touched by theosophical tenets would
vouch that their outlook on life and those of the fellow men and women have
dramatically changed for ever. As one of the Inner Founders said
âIngratitude is not one of our vices,â, let us remember our gratitude to
the hard work done by the Founders and many theosophists who followed in
their foot steps. Let us go forward with the theosophical outlook and see
what good each one of us can do to our fellow men and women and living


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