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Occult Research of Besant and CWL - Recent observations by a scientist

Nov 14, 2011 08:37 PM
by MKR

Besant and CWL did occult research on atom and their observations were
published in 1908. While there was a lot of questions about them, here is a
recent article by a well known Indian Scientist which appeared in an Indian
Newspaper. Here are two quotes:

âAccording to M Srinivasan, former associate director of Bhabha Atomic
Research Centre, (BARC), "One important piece of work, which brings out the
extraordinary power of the human mind or consciousness in gaining 'direct
knowledge of reality,' as practised by the Indian sages was done by the
Theosophists Annie Besant and C W Leadbeater over a century ago. They
carried out clairvoyant investigations into the detailed structure of atoms
and nuclei.â

âSrinivasan, a Theosophist, says, "Besant and Leadbeater have recorded that
an atom of the
smallest element Hydrogen comprised 18 UPAs while at the upper end, an atom
of the heaviest element Uranium comprised 4,267 UPAs. They clairvoyantly
discovered the existence of isotopes and published the atomic weight of all
the 92 naturally occurring elements and several of their isotopes correct
to the second decimal place." This was done five years before Aston
experimentally detected an isotope of Neon using his newly-invented
instrument or the mass spectrometer, and for which he was later awarded the
Nobel Prize. The observations of Besant and Leadbeater were published in
the first edition of the book, Occult Chemistry, in 1908.â

Read the full article here:



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