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Theosophically money and membership inversely related?

Nov 07, 2011 10:35 AM
by MKR

I just ran across the Form 990 for 2009 filed by TS in America. This is
public info and available on Internet. What is significant is that its
assets now top $15 million, which is the highest since the Section was
chartered. Recently it was reported that the membership is around 3,500.

Anyone who has taken the time to read the early days of TS and TS in
America, knows that money was tight. In spite of tight money, the
organization grew and at one time had 12,000 members in America.

It looks like money does not help TS to grow. On the other hand, it seems
to be an albatross. Most recent high membership was during Dora Kunz's time
- about 8,000. Since then, in spite of scholars, professors, occultists,
authors, etc at the helm of TS in America, every year the membership is
going continually South.

Those who followed all the developments starting with 2008 International
Election and its aftermath, including the ultra secret attempt to seize
control of the International President's office, not a single leader had
the guts to touch the membership decline issue. All attempts seems to be
directed to divert the attention of the members to International Rules and
other issues which have no bearing on the issue of growth and retention of

It is very interesting to watch the above. You will not see this issue
discussed in the GC meeting or other forums.

By the way, the only Section which does not have much money in the bank but
continually growing is the Indian Section, which is the possible envy of
many leaders in the West. This growth only confirms that wisdom of the
Inner Founders' decision to move the International HQ to India from NY.

It is a challenge to the current leadership in the USA as to how it uses
the wealth to further the interests of Theosophy and TS and one objective
measure all of us will be looking would be the membership recruitment and
retention and founding of new branches.


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