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RE: [?? Probable Spam] theos-talk More on the New World Order

Oct 30, 2011 01:37 PM
by Jeremy Condick

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> Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 09:55:54 -0700
> Subject: Re: [?? Probable Spam] theos-talk More on the New World Order
> H. P. Blavatsky wrote about the Theosophical Society:
> "ENQUIRER. Do you take any part in politics?
> THEOSOPHIST. As a Society, we carefully avoid them, for the reasons 
> given below. To seek to achieve political reforms before we have 
> effected a reform in human nature, is like putting new wine into old 
> bottles. Make men feel and recognise in their innermost hearts what is 
> their real, true duty to all men, and every old abuse of power, every 
> iniquitous law in the national policy, based on human, social or 
> political selfishness, will disappear of itself. Foolish is the gardener
> who seeks to weed his flower-bed of poisonous plants by cutting them 
> off from the surface of the soil, instead of tearing them out by the 
> roots. No lasting political reform can be ever achieved with the same 
> selfish men at the head of affairs as of old. "
> ("The Key to Theosophy", 2ed., 1890 - p. 231)
> http://www.phx- ult-lodge. org/aKEY. htm
> So let us not be foolish. Do you not agree?

> ***   I do not agree in the slightest.   This is absurd.  To wait until all men are perfect before we stand for our rights and a just society is a pathetic philosophy and utterly impractical on the face of it.
> The utterly corrupt people at head of banking and many mega-corporations will most likely never change.  
> To sit still while they rape the earth and the minds of the young and enslave the world in perpetual fraudulent debt is amoral in the extreme. 

I completely agree with your thoughts here stated. Let us remind ourselves of this... "as individuals, each is left perfectly free to follow out his or her particular line of political thought and action, so long as this does not conflict with Theosophical principles or hurt the Theosophical Society." The Key to Theosophy. HPB. 
Individuals, as individuals are free, always, to work or lobby for political and social reform. Your thoughts are valid and potent today and certainly resonate with the times. HPB makes clear that only "as a society it takes absolutely no part in any national or party politics" and we must emphasis the meaning here that the society took no part in national or party politics, as a society. I think that the society could add great benefit to humanity when it stands for equal human rights, world peace, sharing and the rejection of all political and economic greed today on a world level. 
I think this is a critical point to bear in mind regarding the many social questions of today. Each member is free to work as individuals in political fields as they see necessary. There is a great difference between the Theosophical society entering party politics national or local on one side or the other side, or of standing for the principles which it holds dear in altruism, social reform or against world economic corruption. The latter stands for the good of the whole. One sees a clear distinction here and it are worthy of being thought out. In so doing, we do not stand aloof. JPC. 
"ENQUIRER. But surely the T. S. does not stand altogether aloof from the social questions which are now so fast coming to the front? 
THEOSOPHIST. The very principles of the T. S. are a proof that it does not -- or, rather, that most of its members do not -- so stand aloof." 


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