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Re: theos-talk TIME magazine covers Madam Blavatsky

Oct 05, 2011 05:47 AM
by MKR

Facts are hard facts. Theosophy is here because of her. TS is still alive
and well after a century. Many many were beneficiaries of the material she
wrote and for many it is a turning point in their lives.

Recently I came across a comment that many theosophical leaders (perhaps
pampered with good living conditions) in the West is averse to go to India
and live in Adyar and help TS. At a time when travel was very difficult,
living conditions were not that good and with no big bank balance, she (who
grew  up in aristocrat surroundings)  and Olcott choose to leave NY and move
to India to work for theosophy and TS. They both gave the prime of their
lives to theosophy. All at the behest of their Teachers in whose judgement
they had absolute confidence. Today it is good that we give some thoughts to
what took place in early days.

When I compare the work I have done with the sacrifices she made, we get the
real picture. Ours is nothing compared to hers. I am sure so is the case for
most theosophists.


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> Here is what famous Time magazine has to say about Madam Blavatsky

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