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Peddling Theosophical Material

Oct 03, 2011 07:15 AM
by MKR

Anyone, theosophists, professors, authors, historians, scholars, publishers
etc who want to get their theosophical material widest circulation cannot do
it by selling pricey books or articles. Most potential readers, especially
in developing countries are not rich enough to buy them from the West. From
what I have seen, those peddling books and articles for a price - even
electronic versions being sold - seem to live in their own cocoon and is
totally unaware of what the reality is. Today, Internet is there for free
dissemination of any material of any size and if anyone is interested in
readers accessing their theosophical materials - including so called
scholarly produced ones - the only simple solution is to make them available
for free download as a pdf file. Once material is available in any
electronic format, with the click of mouse one can generate pdf file. If
anyone is not upto speed on this, email me off line and I can help.

We know many theosophists and authors and professors and scholars etc are
monitoring this list and I hope they see and understand what I am talking
about. Earlier we make all our material available on cyberspace, better it
is for theosophy and TS.


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