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Use of Internet by Theosophical leaders

Oct 01, 2011 05:51 AM
by MKR

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From: Ramanujachary
Date: Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 1:51 AM
Subject: Re: Use of Internet by Theosophical leaders
To: MKR <>

I do not personally think that there is any 'boycott'. A serious student is
all the time engaged in updating his knowledge with the material in print
and the lot that is digitized.
Incidentally, the 5th vol. of Krotona: Sri MKR was kind enough to send me
the 4 vols. duly signed by the author. Much material has come out well
documanted and in an authentic manner. Could the Indian section have a copy
of the 5th vol.
we do not expect any long essays on the theos-talk, but only brief answers
to inquiries of information. Discussion on philosophical issues is more
helpful than expressions of opinion on organizational matters.
Dr Ramanujachary

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> One of the puzzling questions that has faced many theosophists on Internet
> is the total absence of any of the leaders in theosophical forums. This
> been going on for years and has been discussed time and again here. One
> reach the conclusion that there is a boycott - whether deliberately
> orchestrated or coincidental. This is a serious disconnect in todayÃââs
> environment where Internet is irreversibly integrated into the activities
> the modern society.
> Recently some of us have seen some comments from leaders that seem to
> indicate that it may have its origin in the ÃâËoccultÃââ ideas propounded
> HPB. There seems to be overwhelming  concern about what effects may
> the unseen world due to activities and discussions and interactions on
> Internet. There is also the concern that the Dark Powers may be using
> Internet for their own destructive ends. (Some feel that it was the case
> during and after last International Election.)
> The early literature clearly puts great emphasis on Universal Brotherhood
> and worldly activities based on it and targeted to improve the conditions
> our fellow men and women. Not much emphasis on the results in the unseen
> world. Those who had described the temper and the vocabulary of HPB and
> being a meat eater seem to indicate that actions targeted on the basis of
> Universal Brotherhood are more important than the later ideas of nuances
> inner world and vegetarianism. Even HSO was not a vegetarian.
> It looks like too much emphasis based on post-HPB ideas of inner worldÃââs
> workings is acting as a misguiding stumbling block in using Internet as a
> tool to interact with theosophists and spread theosophy to a world where
> there is so much sorrow and suffering.
> Internet is here to stay. Theosophy has to reach current generation
> Internet. Just simply setting up passive websites is not going to cut it.
> Earlier the leadership around the world recognize this fact and make use
> it is better for theosophy and TS.
> There is no religion higher than Truth
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