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Use of Internet by Theosophical leaders

Sep 30, 2011 09:22 PM
by MKR

One of the puzzling questions that has faced many theosophists on Internet
is the total absence of any of the leaders in theosophical forums. This has
been going on for years and has been discussed time and again here. One can
reach the conclusion that there is a boycott - whether deliberately
orchestrated or coincidental. This is a serious disconnect in todayâs
environment where Internet is irreversibly integrated into the activities of
the modern society.

Recently some of us have seen some comments from leaders that seem to
indicate that it may have its origin in the âoccultâ ideas propounded post
HPB. There seems to be overwhelming  concern about what effects may permeate
the unseen world due to activities and discussions and interactions on
Internet. There is also the concern that the Dark Powers may be using
Internet for their own destructive ends. (Some feel that it was the case
during and after last International Election.)

The early literature clearly puts great emphasis on Universal Brotherhood
and worldly activities based on it and targeted to improve the conditions of
our fellow men and women. Not much emphasis on the results in the unseen
world. Those who had described the temper and the vocabulary of HPB and her
being a meat eater seem to indicate that actions targeted on the basis of
Universal Brotherhood are more important than the later ideas of nuances of
inner world and vegetarianism. Even HSO was not a vegetarian.

It looks like too much emphasis based on post-HPB ideas of inner worldâs
workings is acting as a misguiding stumbling block in using Internet as a
tool to interact with theosophists and spread theosophy to a world where
there is so much sorrow and suffering.

Internet is here to stay. Theosophy has to reach current generation through
Internet. Just simply setting up passive websites is not going to cut it.
Earlier the leadership around the world recognize this fact and make use of
it is better for theosophy and TS.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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