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Innovative use of video to present ideas and comments by Krishnamurti Foundation

Sep 17, 2011 09:57 PM
by MKR

For several years we searched the global archives for those moments when
Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear when speaking about a particular theme;
Conditioning, The Sacred, Love, Relationship, Conflict, Choiceless
Awareness, Meditation and many others. After gathering many we selected
five, five to six minute moments on twelve essential themes, sixty in all.
These have been prepared to share with you and people like you around the
world, one each week for over a year and beyond. Having spent over two years
working on the project I can say that this collection covers the essential
teachings directly, beautifully and in a unique format, distilled,
clarified. We hope this gift inspires you and the people you love.



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