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Terry Soesbe - Theosophist passed away in 2009

Sep 16, 2011 06:56 AM
by MKR

A few days back, I was saddened to learn that Terry Soesbe, a long time
theosophist died in a motor cycle accident, two years ago. He was a very
quiet and helpful member in San Antonio, TX since early 1970s and some years
ago he moved to New Mexico. He and his wife were riding a bike when the
accident took place. Since he was not âorganizationallyâ involved, only
local theosophists knew him. He had one simple policy that highly impressed
me. Whenever he got a book, after he read it, he would pass it on. He felt
that a book sitting on a shelf is not the best use of it. May his Soul rest
in Peace.


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