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Sep 03, 2011 05:15 PM
by MKR

Anyone interested in digitization should visit Anand Gholap's website which
has some very useful information. I have given the link at the bottom.
Thanks for his efforts.

Recently a well-known college professor announced the publication of a
professional book and I made the suggestion that a pdf file of the book be
made available. I got a response that he is working on a ebook version. On
further correspondence, I pointed out that converting a hard copy to a pdf
file is a snap and even offered free to do it if he needs help. I got a
response that the publisher may not agree to such a move and acting like as
a stumbling barrier. I pointed to the professor that many of the current
professional books come with a free copy of cd containing the pdf version.
Publishers know that audience is going to get a pdf file one way or the
other and instead of fighting, join the crowd. Those publishers who do not
want a pdf file because of fear of losing sale of a book, need to understand
that the users need a pdf file for portability and ease of quoting and
searching. Most users are not interested in pirating a pdf file and they
want ease of use. By providing pdf files, one saves trees, saves
postage/transportation, storage space, computers can read them for the blind
etc etc.

I would like to see all theosophical publications, past and future be
available in pdf files and hopefully those in decision making roles,
understand the rapidly changing world of information storage and
distribution and put distribution of information ahead of business profit
interests.  Anyone listening???



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