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Re: theos-talk Theosophical Publications Online --- Updated

Jun 25, 2011 02:04 PM
by Augoeides-222

John W, 
Thank you I have it in Documents now, look forward to reading in due time. 

Some one mentioned the Codex Brucianus ( The Gnosis of the Light) a while back, I have the Plummer hard copy here , Here is a free download link for it: 

"The Gnosis of the Light" (Free Download from Google Books) 


and here is G.R.S. Mead's "John the Gnostic Baptizer" (a free download) 


"The Two Babylons" by Rev Alexander Hislop, 1916 many corralates to H. P.B's earlier writings, free from Google Books 



"The Cipher of Genesis" by Carlo Soares, 1970 (The Original Code of the Qabala as applied to The Scriptures ) free download Google Books 


"The Books of Jeu" free Download Google Books- sister work to the Pistis Sophia G.R.S. Mead , and the "Book of the Great Invisible Spirit" is found in the Nag Hammadhi Library, there were four works that composed the Tetrad, I don't remember the forth at the moment. 


A important contribution that validates HPB's viewpoint on the Historical world Saviors: 

"The Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviors --- Christianity before Christ" by the Rev. Kersey Graves, 1879 ( he wrote this book while a guest in Oakham Gaol due to his controversial publicly made views lol ) 
Free Google Books download 


G. R. S.Mead in his "Did Jesus live 100 BC" on page 297 "history of Jeschu ha Notzri (Jesus the Nazorean) The Original Nazoreans were the Mandaeans ( they were also known by the names of Nazareans, Galileans, Christians of St. John, Sometimes confused with the Sabians, in Iran they were the Menak kede and also have been named as Mughtasila. Mead also states in this book that the Flavius Josephus entry about Jesus was an interpolation and a forgery and recognized as such by almost all the scholars of his time.. Josephus in his Antiquities has indexed 14 personages named Jesus who when delved into none are the historical Jesus. There are no Roman , Judean, records of Jesus the Christ or Jesus of Nazereth because "Jesus" or "The Jesus"(ho Iesous) is an "Honorific Title" of the Son of Man and not the actual born Familial Surname of the real personage they omit to describe, the name that was actually used in the criminal charge record which had a real surname. But there should be real Roman or criminal records of Herod or Pilate that name the condemned to be crucified using the real surname. Here is a work that describes this process: 

Simon- the Son of Man 



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PDF and DJVU cpies of the book, about 13 Mb, can be downloaded from: and 

John W. 

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Thanks for the Tookaram Links, the Yogasara Sangraha seemed well constructed and explanatory in reading the first pages and the small Biography has a few interesting comments.. 


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A few views: 

I found three books by Tookaram Tatya in the below list by Caldwell, although Tookaram Tatya produced more than that. 

Maybe the following printed by Tookaram Tatya, who, Blavatsky praised in one of her articles could be good to add... 

The Yogasara-Sangraha by Vijnana Bhikshu, printed by Tookaram Tatya (TS Publishing House, 1894) 

A short biography on Tookaram Tatya has been given by TS Adyar... 

(Here is mentioned some of the books he wrote, and some of those he edited and printed) 

The other books or translations by Tookaram Tatya could be considered. 

He also used the name -Tattva Vivechaka Grantha Prasarak Mandali 

For instance: 

"The Twelve Principal Upanishads, English translation, with notes from the commentaries of SankarÃchÃrya and the gloss of Ãnandagiri. Published by Rajaram Tukaram Tatya " (See 

- - - 

A short note which could be considered and given due value: 

The shift in emphasis from Eastern literature to Westernized literature and popular elementary works is truely remarkable since the early days of the TS and its later offshoots. And one aught to consdider why, whether this was and is a good idea. 

Good quality translations of ancient Eastern Literarture seem not to be given any particular emphasis. 

M. Sufilight 

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From: Daniel 


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Subject: theos-talk Theosophical Publications Online --- Updated 

We've added a good number of documents to our webpage titled: 

"Theosophical Publications Online" 


Both pdf and html versions of various books, etc. are given. 

Most of the pdf versions are what we could call "photographic 

facsimiles" of the original (first) editions. 


Blavatsky Study Center / Blavatsky Archives 

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